Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teen Art Classes

Open to local Klamath Falls and surrounding area teens! 

 If you or someone you know is interested please have them contact me!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My new website is up and going! 

Come visit! There is also a link to my facebook page.. Give me a like!

As much as I feel it is important to me to draw, doodle, sketch, paint or journal everyday, I have to say this webpage building, two projects and normal everyday life has pulled me away from that. So Monday I am back at it! Doing art everyday! I see such an improvement in my "real" art when I do my, what I call my "daily doodles". I encourage everyone to do just a little art every day. 

While I have not been doing my daily doodles... I have been doing art. as mentioned above I am in the process of two big projects. One a large 2'x5' acrylic underwater painting for our guest bedroom, and one small book. I say small book and smile at myself for that understatement! It is only 8"x5". But it has 10 pages, double sided. So I have been very busy doing my layers of color style on 20 small paintings to be bound into a small book for a gift. Stay tuned in the next few weeks and I will share pictures and the process. Since it is a gift I am keeping it a secret for a while! Here is a picture of me working on one end of my guestroom painting!
Hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow and week to follow!