Saturday, March 1, 2014

My new website is up and going! 

Come visit! There is also a link to my facebook page.. Give me a like!

As much as I feel it is important to me to draw, doodle, sketch, paint or journal everyday, I have to say this webpage building, two projects and normal everyday life has pulled me away from that. So Monday I am back at it! Doing art everyday! I see such an improvement in my "real" art when I do my, what I call my "daily doodles". I encourage everyone to do just a little art every day. 

While I have not been doing my daily doodles... I have been doing art. as mentioned above I am in the process of two big projects. One a large 2'x5' acrylic underwater painting for our guest bedroom, and one small book. I say small book and smile at myself for that understatement! It is only 8"x5". But it has 10 pages, double sided. So I have been very busy doing my layers of color style on 20 small paintings to be bound into a small book for a gift. Stay tuned in the next few weeks and I will share pictures and the process. Since it is a gift I am keeping it a secret for a while! Here is a picture of me working on one end of my guestroom painting!
Hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow and week to follow!

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